Friday, June 3, 2011

Day One - Hello Earthlings!

Hello.  Welcome to The Daily belated attempt to join the 21st Century! As a former Ancient Historian (and survivor of Archaeological Digs in Syria) I'm going to use this blog as my daily dose of enforced calmness. In a world which bombards us with so much planned obsolescence and cultural landfill I hope you'll join with me in appreciating the simple, yet beautiful, things in our daily lives. This can range from sharing a new design we've made at Bison to a recipe for salmon mousse. It will cover emerging design trends which filter through the blogosphere like droplets of inspiration..and even self-indulgent shots of my two Belgian Shepherds. It seems that the more complex our lives become the more we seek warmth and solace in our surroundings. I hope that my posts will show that simplicity and classic design never date..and that the design community is as diverse as the objects or people we admire.

Brian Tunks
Creative Director/Bison Australia.