Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reflections on Amsterdam

It's a cold 10 degree celcius day in Canberra and I was reflecting on how many found objects are the basis for creating a form or bringing a colour in to my collection. I spent a wonderful month in Europe and Mexico last year and my partner gave me this amazing bunch of peonies in the Amsterdam Flower Markets. They lasted nearly 2 weeks and the dappled light made them look like piles of tulle or crepe paper. The colour became a reference point for me creating a new glaze. Juxtaposed against the streetscape of our 16th Century apartment (3 floors of steps better suited to the feet of a toddler!) the flowers looked better each day until they abandoned all hope and the table was littered with piles of what looked like pink fabric swatches. Please excuse the quality of the images... I took them with my phone.

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