Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colour me happy!

As this post will be my inaugural link with Facebook I thought it best to show an image of one of our Bison stores. Just over 18 months ago, after attending the Simon and Garfunkle Concert in Sydney  I drove in to the city to look at vacant stores. It's strange how a space just commands your attention but this shop did. It had high ceilings and incredible light...almost like a gallery space. As much as you are always never ready when opportunities present themselves...well..I threw caution to the wind and the rest is history.

Paddington has a diverse number of stores. Many of these showcase more individual or less 'mall based' brands. While chains all have their place it is refreshing to see the emergence of so many stand-alone stores in a market awash with dire predictions for retail ( and apparently local design). I would like to thank my wonderful staff in Sydney; Sarah my manager, and Kate and Adela. They provide me with endless ideas for merchandising and are the instigators behind several of my upcoming designs.  I felt that as we near the winter solstice we all could do with a shot of colour. (Image by David Plummer)

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