Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Man's Best Fiend

Allow me to introduce you to my Belgian Shepherd,  Inky. This shot (courtesy of Helene Cremona) was taken 8 years ago but to me she'll always be a huge bundle of furry mischief. In a post which has nothing to do with human design or creativity this dog has given me immeasurable pleasure and helped me clear my mind every day. With her brother Claude (RSPCA Rescue) they attract stares and are the best conversation starters I've ever known. If marketeers ever discovered this I'm sure they'd invent speed dog-owner dating!
It's fascinating to observe human behaviour as you approach people with two mid-sized hounds. While they look as if they would be at home in the steppes of Siberia they are almost universally greeted with "oohs and aahs" from people encountering them on my daily walks. There's something quite primal about the way we lead our pets. Even in a suburban context it shows the power of evolution. Considering how much we spoil them it conversely may illustrate how we respond to the actions of animals rather than speech. For me it's very simple....they give me great pleasure and allow the worries of the day to evaporate. All this in the time it takes me to throw a ball for them to fetch...

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