Monday, June 13, 2011

All Fired Up!

It can be an exhilarating moment we we open the glaze kilns each day. To be greeted with wall of colour and a wave of warm air (particularly when the studio is near freezing in Winter) is a seminal moment. This is the point at which all your hard work becomes tangible. The skill of the potters, the focus of the glazing team, and the the obvious attention to detail all manifest themselves as this load is unpacked. When you craft objects with a team of artisans a multitude of things can...and do...go wrong. A speck of dust can settle on a bowl before glazing creating a pinhole. Kiln wash can fall from a setter on to a plate underneath; people packing a kiln load can chip a penguin vase against another piece as they attempt to place it carefully on a shelf, or glaze from the red bottle above may settle on a rim as it's packed. The fact that we can obtain so many first quality pieces from each load is a testimony to the determination and skill of the people who work with us at Bison. They too share my excitement when they unload a firing and see the simple beauty in the colours and how each load has different combinations and permutations of tone and form. Photo Brian Tunks
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