Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Depression Glass

This glass container comes from my grandmother's home. It sits in my kitchen cupboard and I'm never quite sure if I should use it or keep it for my nieces and nephews. Terrifying thought really... akin to having a 'good' room for company at home! The story behind this piece is that while my grandparents were getting married in Sydney some brazen thieves took a van to their home and loaded up all their wedding presents. One of the few escapees was this butter container.

Typical of green depression glassware it is heavy but functional. I love the weight of it and the play of the light along the ridges when it's in the sunlight on my bench. Far more appealing than clinical metal containers these utilitarian pieces can quite often be found on Ebay and websites specialising in vintage interiors/accessories. During such difficult times it astounds me that the creativity of people under financial duress is heightened rather than suppressed. This is also clearly demonstrated with the emergence of repurposed furniture from that period. (That discussion belongs to another post where I can do it greater justice). In the meantime if you'd like to add to your own collection Etsy has a good selection of American depression glassware.


  1. Hurrah! Glad you've got a blog up! We are on holiday in France at the moment, there is the most beautiful old glass everywhere.

  2. Glad you like the blog. Enjoy France. If you spot any vintage cloches grab them... heavy but so worth it!