Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thonet #18 Chair

Many people ask me how I manage to find so many 'scoops' on Ebay and Etsy. I must be honest and simply say that being a night owl means you spot items that everyone else misses. (This is owing to them having a normal sleep pattern!) With kilns to check and our busiest time of year rapidly approaching it's pivotal for me to be organised. Some of the best relaxation I find is trawling through the recesses of 'vintage' and 'industrial' furniture on auction websites. 

Dining chairs can be a real dilemma. If you have a rustic-style table as I do (with planks on the top) it's very easy to be fussy with modern chairs or try to be too clever and go heavy industrial. Sometimes the best solution can also be the simplest. That is definitely the case with the Thonet #18 chair. This classic design (over 150 years young and counting) ticks all the boxes in terms of visual and physical appeal. Sweeping uncomplicated lines make it look fluid and organic. The firm seat gives it great utility and the model comes in a plethora of colours. Back to Ebay... I spent an evening 3 years ago tracking down Bentwood chairs. I found a cafe that was closing and purchased 25 of them. I'm planning a dinner party in the near future so who knows... I may even give you a chance to appraise my styling efforts.

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