Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling Good. George Michael with Dita Von Teese

Warning: This video contains images of semi-nudity which some viewers may find offensive. I don't! 

Last year I was fortunate enough to go with one of my closest friends to see George Michael. Yes, the 80's were very good to me! It's a great experience to see a musician live who has developed in tandem with the rest of his generation. What amazed me was that there was such a massive cross-section in the audience. You had baby boomers, the pre Mardi Gras crowd, and a huge number of newbies (18-28 year olds). 

While some people find Dita to be ultimate Vargas pin-up I think she has an incredible 40's glamour fused with serious control of her own image. I have always admired performers who are multi-disciplined and she is no exception to this. While George has morphed from the 'writ large' t-shirt days of Wham to an outspoken advocate for social issues, Dita straddles the world of burlesque and couture with aplomb. Power to them I say although I don't think strapping yourself into a tiny corset would be good for your health!

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