Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Colour Field

Image: Anders Gramer
Once upon a time a fledgling designer (and former ancient historian and archaeologist!) was tentatively showing his wares at the Kingston markets in Canberra. A lovely young woman expressed an interest in the designs and the colours we were using. Turns out she was the style editor for Vogue Living and a month or so later my first bowls appeared in the magazine. The Museum of Contemporary Art Store took our range to use with the Yves Klein show and the rest... as they say... is now history! 

Several things about this story stick in my mind. Firstly, she could see past the fact that my pieces were fighting a duel to the death with a tragic green gingham fabric I was merchandising with.  Secondly,  that my style was in it's infancy and that someone recognised a kernel of potential in me. While I'm not intending to sound self-deprecating it's important to acknowledge the role of mentors with emerging designers. It's also significant for us to see the evolution of the interpretation of colour and scale as a tool which is often difficult to translate.

Some fourteen years after we first met I take great pride in introducing my readers to Melinda Ashton-Turner's blog... The Colour Field. The images she analyses are beautiful and inspired. Her approach to the proportion of colour in a room is insightful and a good read to boot. In the words of Molly Meldrum 'do yourself a favour' and click on the link for a colour and texture pantone treat!

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