Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cuffed and Coiffed

During the 70's in rural Australia dressing well was seen as a sign of respect more than simply preening. It's funny how these attitudes are still all-pervasive in my life so many years later. Possibly I'm just a neat freak with a penchant for shiny objects (the magpie principle) or I'm seriously attracted to the meaning behind symbols. Cufflinks were a surefire indicator that your parents were attending yet another ball. That would mean a day of going to the dry cleaners, waiting for your mother at the 'beauty parlour', or being bribed to polish your father's shoes.

While my mother always had this way of looking achingly beautiful at the same time as peeling a banana for my brother, it was my dad's cufflinks that fascinated me. Shiny and bold they beckoned to me in their lush velvet box. As they only appeared for 'special' events their twinkling gold and mother-of-pearl insignia held the promise of music and laughter and, if we were lucky, a sip of punch. As an adult I have collected these accoutrements of male fashion. Possibly they belong to a bygone era...although if you flick through the pages of any hipster fashion bible then I'm clearly bang on-trend! (An expression I loathe!) What's your poison...would you wear them?

Bling it on! Swarovski in Pink
Plain but perfect for a navy blue jacket 

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