Sunday, November 20, 2011

The last one standing

Pillar Candles by Illuminate
Just as restaurants open and close with frightening frequency, so to do the workshops of designers. I was reflecting a with a close friend on my first trade fair in Sydney in 1998. Apart from the fact that there were only about 5% of the companies with Australian made product, I was struggling to find any that were still operating. Sure people can build up companies and sell them on. They may even get a divorce, have a mid-life crisis and move to Byron, or just get tired of the ridiculous stresses of modern business. I haven't succumbed to any of the above (but who knows what the future holds!) but the people I admired are obvious by their absence. 

One such company was Illuminate. Originally established in Balmain, Tiffany and Amanda were the precursors of the whole emphasis on interior soft lighting 'mood' . They made amazing pillar candles in a palette of shades which worked in with the whole 'minimalism' and 'zen' aesthetic. The squads of imitators may have hastened their demise but to me they were inspirational. I don't know if any of my readers recall their candles but I have just located a website listing them as available again. The saying 'everything old is new again' springs to mind. Have a look... you may spot an old favourite!

Scented Mosquito Candles

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