Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello Summer !!!!

Sincere apologies for my lack of posting. I have been a prisoner of my studio trying to meet Christmas orders and keep the kilns stocked with Bison pieces. With a mountain of new staff and training continuing apace I have been unfortunately so focused on getting this sorted that my poor blog has suffered. Anyhow, we're back!!!!!

I just thought that I'd post an image of our Summer 2011/12 banner which we have just finished shooting. This will go up on huge banners in our three stores this week and was shot by Grant Turner in Sydney. Melinda Ashton-Turner styled and produced this for me as well. With all the pressure I've had re-painting the Canberra store this has been such a wonderful, not to mention kind, gift to me. I thought the shot was so beautiful that I should share it with you as well...

The banners arrive this week but here's a preview. (Feedback welcome)



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