Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mr Squiggle...or is that you Miss Pat?

So it's late and I really should turn the computer off but gentle rain on the roof is keeping me awake. Well readers...today's instalment is brought to you by my memories of Mr Squiggle and his trusty sidekick (Miss Pat!) I know I'm not alone with this memory as when I last visited Newcastle I saw in a public park a huge piece of industrial machinery. Posed in neat white text upon it was the question...'is that you Bill?' (i.e: Bill Steamshovel) Clearly another fan was in town. 

The reason for this post is actually somewhat removed from the lunar traipsing of Mr Squiggle. It's really about graffiti and its place as public art. While I don't condone some forms of this 'artistic expression' (such as someone writing 'WOW!' on my VW Beetle in 1991) I do love the way it challenges conventional approaches to expression. The two images included in today's post are both taken by David Plummer. The lane way where they were shot runs between Bourke Street Mall and Little Collins Street in Melbourne. What I particularly like about graffiti is how works are posted over the top of each other. Their 'tags' or signatures staking a claim on a space which others have also worked on. That being said, I'd be happy if Banksy made a visit to Canberra and did a small piece in my studio... One can but dream.

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