Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tinker, Taylor, Art Purveyor?

You've got to hand it to Elizabeth Taylor. Seven husbands, a couple of Oscars on her mantelpiece, and a jewellery and art collection which would make the Vatican blush! (Considering the loot they have in their principal museum that's a big ask.) This remarkable woman; a freakishly talented actor, an avid humanitarian, and an advocate for HIV/AIDS funding when it wasn't fashionable, left not only a void in the artistic community but a design legacy as well. 

Apart from an astute ability to select quality scripts for her movie career she had an unerring eye when it came to jewellery and fine art. The Christie's Auction held in New York Tuesday evening blew the lid off the global recession. The Elizabeth Taylor diamond (shown below) was estimated to sell between 2-3 million dollars and sold for approximately 8!

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond
Other pieces from the Collection traced the relationships during her life such as the tiara given to her by Eddie Fisher and worn by her at the Oscars. Some are simply representative of the decade or atelier from which they came, exquisite with their detail and craftsmanship. If you are in NYC stick around as her fine Art Collection goes up for viewing shortly...that is if you have a few million spare!

Eddie Fisher Tiara.

Daisy Set (Van Cleef?)

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