Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearls before Twine?

Ethel Granger tribute editorial in Vogue Italia September 2011. Meisel
I just read the September issue of Vogue Italia and it has a provoking cover and editorial piece on corsets. Ethel Granger, an early adaptor of facial piercings and modifications on her waist, is the inspiration for a story which is both simultaneously beautiful and disturbing. The closest I've every been to 'foundation garments' was looking at my grandmother's as a child. Pink and incredibly complicated they appeared to have a closer relationship with pain than improving a silhouette! In the fickle world of fashion they do seem to be making a comeback. From Mugler's biker corset  in George Michael's 'Too Funky' they have traversed the decade to now represent a form of freedom rather than constraint. 

For my feminist friends I don't think this would sit well but for me it says more about the power of transformation. Whatever your opinion it cannot be argued that it would be a good practice for your internal organs. My curiosity asks me where your stomach would reside after such arduous cinching!!!

You'd have to be good at tying your shoelaces for this
Shot from Mugler Campaign Mid 1990's

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