Thursday, December 15, 2011

My new obsession

Image: Chris Stott
Lock me up.  Hide my wallet and credits cards. Make me write bad cheques! I would totally need restraining if I could spend a day in the studio of Christopher Stott. Chris is a contemporary realist painter with an obvious nod to the 'Old Masters'. His work is clean and evocative and he works mainly in oils. This gives the his subjects a depth and warmth which is he is clearly drawn to. His lighting is punctuated by shadows which conveys a sense of passing time. I'm seriously in love with his work and am  getting a commission done to sit above my new sandstone fireplace. 

Image: Chris Stott
As a designer my eye is drawn to random objects. A vase which would sit in front of a canvas, a wooden bowl filled with blown glass floats from New Guinea, or a loose bunch of orchids giving a 1970's YSL vibe to the scene. It's the very nature of provenance which gives objects an additional layer of meaning. This can't be replicated by faux French wing chairs from China, or yet another pack of vanilla and bergamot scented reeds that make you feel like you are trapped in a restroom. It's about capturing an essence (and not an artificial one) which embodies a space with personality. I think it's like that for Chris and I'd put serious money on his work becoming increasingly collectible. 

P.S: Any man who lives in a city in the 'vast plains of the Canadian prairies' has got my vote.

Image: Chris Stott

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