Saturday, April 6, 2013

There's no place like (bison)home....

There's no place like bisonhome!
After several weeks of pulling together photography; my random styling efforts, scattered text to go under headings, and the occasional crisis with editing... it finally looks like bisonhome's online store and website will be open for business. It's quite a challenge striking the balance between a website that showcases your designs, yet straddles the omnipresent world of the internet. We'd like to think that our blog (The Daily Bison) will highlight aspects of design or spike an interest in the simple visual beauty of the creative process. That being said it may also just be a vehicle for me to rave about a particular photographer or to espouse the virtues of some obscure artist living on sprouts in a garrett somewhere.

Maybe I should have gone a little lighter with the foundation!

For those of you who are new to bison... welcome! We hope that you'll drop by regularly to look at either our blog entries, or those on our Bison Australia Facebook page. I'll have discussions with stylists and foodies who can add another dimension to the way we view a space... or even a colour. One of our greatest passions has been the tones within our glazes. As we all have such varied tastes it's quite often challenging to add a new shade to your home... we'd like to help and make that process easier. (and a whole lot more enjoyable than therapy!)


  1. the site looks lovely. may i ask who hosts the site/provides template? wordpress??

  2. My Brian, not just the foundation, you've shedded a few kilos and grown a few interesting "things" since I last saw you!