Sunday, January 6, 2013

Out on a Lim

Phillip Lim is a phenomenal designer based in New York. While I'm not a fan of silver-trimmed white shorts or suits he manages to convey an amazing sense of wearability meets beauty in his 'Trickers Spring 2013' video. This rich visual offering blurs the boundaries between fashion as a retail item and modern dance. One of the privileges of creating objects is the ability to market them in increasingly left-of-centre ways. His video captures the essence of 'modernity' yet would not look out of place with 'Chunky Moves' or The New York Ballet. 

Born in Bangkok of Chinese parents he illustrates that hybrid form of talent where fashion and form combine with cultural nuances that transport the viewer. Hopefully, I'm sure, to one of his stores... but less cynically perhaps to reflect on the beauty of human movement. I'd need a lifetime supply of Voltaren to negotiate one of those manoeuvres!  

Just a hint... let the video download and then play in its entirety.

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