Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Artist

Some days just work like a charm. By that I mean all the goals and plans you have work to perfection and it just flows. Friday in Melbourne was such a day. I spent several hours with the talented Melinda Ashton-Turner replacing our previous window display with a new theme. As colour has always been my weakness (as opposed to alcohol and fast women!) I really enjoyed pulling the elements for this concept together. One of the refreshing aspects to my role is having the time to think through a 'story' for the stores.

Photo: Brian Tunks
One of the highlights was watching the staff in Eckersley's Art Supplies in Canberra as I was clearing them out of brushes and mini still-life figures. I have to give Melinda a lot of credit also for getting our quote by Picasso in a straight line. You should try doing this on an old building with irregular corners. Please drop by and have a look. We'll be doing the same theme in our Canberra store next week.

Photo: Brian Tunks.

Bison would like to thanks Dulux Paints for kindly colour matching their finished paints to our glazes for the windows in both Melbourne and Canberra. 


  1. WOW ! Its amazing.

  2. Thankyou.....had a riot doing this window... great being back in Melbourne too!