Monday, March 5, 2012

All Aboard!

I don't know if you travel for work or leisure but there are several things which make it pleasurable. The first would be a surprise upgrade to first class from Sydney to London... the second is some seriously sexy luggage. Taking ceramics as samples generally requires a good deal of ingenuity and a Samsonite shell case. When I don't have to lug 25 kilos of stoneware for meetings I like to imagine I have a matching set of steamline luggage. This latest discovery of mine can be yours for a relatively modest sum and purchased from their online store: .

Yes, I know the corners will get knocked and scuffed on conveyor belts. Who cares... this feels like you are en route to the Orient Express as opposed to the City Flyer between Albury and Canberra!  I know they ship from the EU, UK and the States, so let your mind wander to distant climes and visualise the Lear jet with matching crew waiting to take you away. I know just the person to help you. Patti Stanger, author, fashionista,  and Bravo host for The Millionaire Matchmaker. I do think a more natural pose would work better for her when meeting clients. Possibly the luggage would distract your eyes long enough for that not to matter. 

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