Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ice Ice Baby!

This is the only picture I'll post from my trip to Antarctica. While I try to avoid the cliches of holiday blogs I just thought I should share this image with you. In terms of scale this iceberg would have been up to 30 plus metres tall. I have an image of the front of our cruiser filled with people gawking at it. They look like ants by comparison and the quietness as you sailed through was remarkable. Penguins would scuttle in a chaotic fashion from one iceberg to the next. They seemed to be always looking for a safer perch away from the killer whales who patrolled the area. 

The one thing that really struck me was the pristine condition of Antarctica. We were on the last large cruise liner ever to be allowed through these waters and it was an amazing privilege. Despite temperatures hovering near zero it amused me to spot power walkers obsessively pounding the decks. Occasionally you'd hear, or see, huge sheets of ice shearing off the ice shelf. It gives you the true sense of what insignificance feels like. 

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