Monday, February 13, 2012

Brave New World

Photography: Tim Brotherton/Katie Lock

People often decry new year resolutions as the deluded hopes of years past. A kind of projection of how you'd like to view oneself. For me the past month in South America was truly cathartic. Amazing scenery, brilliant architecture and use of colour, and a sense of 'place' all led to the following conclusion. 
(Insert Sound of drum roll here....) I need a complete evolution in the direction of my design and future work. While I've had 14 (yes...that's correct!) wonderful years working on Bison I feel I need to inject new energy and style in to the mix. To that end I'm busily drawing new shapes and profiles... maybe not even ceramic forms... egad! Add to that the fact that my long-suffering partner of 23 years has spent the past 7 of those commuting between Trinidad and Tobago, Amsterdam (and now Townsville) then I think a less patient person would have called a timeout on me! You'll see me posting from numerous locations (still including Canberra) as I explore possibilities to create an even more dynamic range and collection of lifestyle pieces. 

You may wonder how this image relates to my end game??? Well, my taste has evolved over these past years along with my business. The above room is a really good reflection of how I feel I need to be as a designer... a neutral canvas with lots of splashes of colour and texture. A sense of purpose and 'integrity' doesn't go astray either. This image actually allows me to segue to an earlier post where I mentioned the work of Melinda Ashton-Turner. Despite the fact we work together on concepts for my stores and product marketing and visual merchandising, her talent with her much-touted blog has inspired me to change the way I view my work. This image is analysed in depth by her this week. Have a look at her fresh take on colour and style... you won't be disappointed!

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