Sunday, December 2, 2012

The New Life of Brian

Hello there...I know it has been a long time between drinks as it were but there's been some good reasons for our radio silence. Bison, under the guise of my direction, has been travelling with some tentative steps towards an exciting new future. No... I'm not joining a doomsday cult or waiting for the end of civilisation in a French Village high in the Alps. I'm actually completely restructuring Bison to allow us to move out of the glazing booth and into 'the home'. I have had over fourteen amazing years producing quality ceramics in my small local studio. The production process, and manufacturing in general, has presented me with an increasing array of challenges on a daily basis. This, coupled with a health issue has forced to to either leave ceramics entirely... or to try and resolve these issues through sharing my production with other studios. 

One of the things I miss working in isolation in a small space was the collegiality of working with other designers. Now I have the ability to create not only just ceramics, but to explore the whole gamut of media to create objects for the home. Seeing a ceramic vessel sitting on a wooden tray of your design, paired with a napkin printed with your motif in an array of colours... that's the stuff that lights my fire! Please stick around and share this path with us. My team and customers have been among my strongest supporters and for this I'm truly grateful.



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